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Billboard Museum Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1 web

Billboard Museum Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2 final

And this is an article about the Rio Siesta sign that has been donated to us by the Oklahoma Route 66 Association. The National Historic Route 66 Federation has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. We could not keep their cover page, as the file size limitations inherent in this site would have been exceeded.

Fed NewsVOL20NO4 Rio Siesta shorter yet

Newsletter Volume 2 No 1 2015

Volume 2 No 2 2015

Our summer 2016 newsletter is all about the Taft Stadium marquee sign which is now restored!

Volume 3 No 1 2016 Summer newsletter final

Our fall/winter 2016 newsletter recaps the removal of the Charcoal Oven sign and provides a glimpse into the pages of a sign painter’s scrapbook that we’ve just acquired.