Photo Gallery

These images are from our Nov 7, 2014 Private Showing. Members and select individuals interested in our Museum were invite to our donated warehouse space to inspect our collection to date.  Shellee Graham, Jerry McClanahan, Arlita  Harris, and Kathy Anderson.                                             IMG_0716_sm IMG_0319 _MG_5954 _MG_5953 _MG_5952 _MG_5951 _MG_5950 _MG_5949 _MG_5948 _MG_5947 IMG_0720_sm IMG_20141107_171401 IMG_20141107_171017 IMG_20141107_170949 IMG_20141107_170340 IMG_20141107_170253 IMG_0312 IMG_0310 604136_10202982720118974_4287235754868223565_n


This group of images is from our March 1, 2014 By-Invitation-Only Workshop, held at Superior Neon, in Oklahoma City. We covered several vintage techniques used in the billboard industry including hand lettering, painting, and bill posting. Photos courtesy of Jerry McClanahan, Brad Nickson, and Shellee Graham. We also unveiled our logo, created by Trace Hallowell and Tactical Magic. Thank you!

BBMWorkshop_23BBMWorkshop_32BBMWorkshop_37IMG_9189_Kathy Anderson_sm IMG_9195_Jim Gleason_cr_smIMG_9212_Bill Firquain_sm IMG_9213_Bill Firquain_sm IMG_9215_Bill Firquain_smIMG_9218_Bill Firquain_sm _DSC1282 BBMWorkshop_84 IMG_9231_Dr Bob Palmer_sm_DSC1380IMG_9302_Daniel Fuller_sm IMG_9303_Daniel Fuller_sm BBMWorkshop_18 BBMWorkshop_19 BBMWorkshop_21 _DSC1131 _DSC1134 IMG_9150_Display_sm